Sunday, May 23, 2010

Woburn Safari

I am writing my trip experience in our family blog :D

It was a bright Saturday the 22nd May 2010 Girish, Rohith,Rathna, Vajreswari and Myself (Krishna) started on a trip to Woburn Safari, around 9 am from Hounslow. Woburn safari is a safari approximately 50 miles from London, on the way to Birmingham.

The drive was a good experience for me. I’d looked up the Google Maps (though I was not driving). But we used the GPS navigator (it was called “Tom-Tom”). All we had to do was to key-in the postal code of the destination and it would guide us. It was really nice. It even spoke! Yeah, it was telling “Turn left NOW!” when we reached a left turn. And, hey, if you missed it, it won’t scold you! Never! I’ll re-calculate a next route to get to the destination. Our travel was mostly on M25 and M1. It took about an hour to get there to the safari.

Back in Bangalore, we (My Parents and I) have been to Banerghatta zoo safari, which was in a caged bus, which was quite safe. But this one was in our own cars, of-course a “no-cage” vehicle! It sounded risky but there were lot of ranger vehicles with us, who would take care if the animals came too close to us. First on the safari was the mighty Rhino. Then a couple of buffalos, tigers, elephants, giraffes, lions & lionesses, monkeys and lastly dual hump camels.

The whole safari ride took around 2 hours and we then were on foot for food (rhyme huh?). We’d not planned this, except for my 2-minute pop-corn which I’d made in the morning, which we ate during the Safari; we’d not taken any food items. We got some sandwiches and coke in their cafeteria. As soon as we finished our “lunch” there was a bird-show which was about to commence. It was a 20 minute show where there were lots of birds, flying around, close to us and making funny sounds.

We then started our foot-safari to meet ostriches and kangaroos having their lunch. On the way back, we monkeyed around, where we walked on a rope, hanging log of wood, what not !

It was a fun-filled-trip !

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